Dr. Brian Fields is a renowned psychiatrist with a hideous past and dark secrets. He is a man driven by an insatiable hunger and the need to manipulate others to do his bidding. Among his patients are some of the most deranged sociopaths our society has created. He cares for them and allows them to walk among us. He protects them as long as they play by his rules. Danielle Salley destroyed a woman's life by fire. Father Catelli is a catholic priest whose pedophilia knows no boundaries. Coach Rogers conceals a personal life so shocking that he teeters on the brink of insanity every waking moment. These individulas have left a trail of broken bodies and devastated live in their wake. Under Dr. Field's care, they will never be brought to trial to answer for their crimes, but their victims scream for justice, even if it's Twisted Justice.

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In a wooded suburb of Southern Maryland, the victim of a drunken midnight hit-and-run accident is left to die on the side of the road, his body horribly shattered. His unconscious form, on the brink of death, is transported to one of the best trauma hospitals in the state, where he is cared for by one of the nation's leading surgeons, Dr. Paul Laden. The doctor observes something astounding about his patient, which contradicts everything he knows about medicine. This leads Dr. Laden down a dark and forbidden path of savage experimentation and exploitation. His actions open wide a door that releases a primordial evil upon an unsuspecting world. This, in turn, forces from the shadows creatures that have manipulated mankind for millennia, and they will once again walk among us. Their unholy wrath will threaten to destroy the human race. 

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