“When desire turns deadly and you conquer your fear, retribution can be a beautiful thing.”


Family Secrets

“Fulfilling your desires is the only way to make yourself happy. Leave the fear behind you.”



Night Drive

“Fear and stupidity, when unleashed, often have lethal consequences. If you don’t conquer your fear, it’ll destroy you.”



“It’s a damn shame people go through life never knowing what they really are. Was it failure to face their own fears that blinded them?”

Mirror, Mirror

“Childhood fears never really leave you, and until you face them, they always come back.”


Three Blind Mice

“We’ve always been told crime doesn’t pay to instill fear in us, but we know that’s bullshit. It can be quite lucrative, depending on who benefits.”


“Sometimes hate is a good thing. It helps you to overcome your fear and to do what you know is right.”


A Fathers Sorrow

“When your heart is ripped out, what do you have left? The fear is gone.”

Dr. Feelgood

“Some physicians practice to save their patients. Others, who have faced their fear, practice to save us from their patients.”


The Link

“We all know family fucks you first. They aren’t afraid of you, but your friends are, and they lay in wait.”

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"Ask yourself" 

"What Do You fear?"

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