Karen did not feel like having lunch with the girls today. The office gossip had gotten old, and she did not feel like fast food today. She wanted to come home and have lunch with her best friend. She liked training days because of the extended lunch breaks, and it allowed her and her roommate CJ to spend more time together. As Karen pulled up to her home, she got a warm feeling inside, the kind of sensation that came with knowing her home was safe and comforting. Karen thought to herself that, at twenty-four, she had done pretty well for herself so far. I’m buying my own home; I have a good government job, a relatively new car, and the best friend and roommate anyone could possibly ask for. CJ means the world to me. CJ would do anything for Karen, and Karen felt the same way about CJ. At this point, the only thing missing in her life was a steady man. Sure, she could get dick anytime she wanted it, and she knew how attractive she was, but having a boyfriend also meant putting up with a lot unnecessary bullshit. CJ was always trying to fix her up, but she would always pass, for now she thought, it was not that big of a deal. Her life was fine for now. Karen pulled up to her driveway, parked and went to the side door. Over the past two years they'd found it easier to come in the house using the side door off the carport. In the warm months, this offered shade and quick access to the house. Karen opened the door and she noticed that the door chime did not go off. Oh well CJ must have forgotten to turn it back on. CJ was always complaining about them, and didn't see the need for them, but I'll remind CJ that my father installed them so that we'd know when doors or windows were opened. Karen closed the door and headed for the kitchen; she figured she had about ninety minutes left before she had to return to work. She went to look in the refrigerator and saw that their lunch had been prepared but CJ was not home. Ok I can wait. CJ probably had to step out for a minute. As Karen closed the door, she looked down the hall and saw the bathroom door open. Immediately she spoke to her roommate.

          “Hey CJ, I thought you were …” Karen stopped in mid-sentence when she saw a man emerge from her bathroom. Her heart almost leapt from her chest as she turned to run. She was too slow however; he grabbed her by the hair yanking her head back and threw her to the ground. He raised his foot and brought it down hard on her stomach; the pain shot through her body like a wave. She found it almost impossible to breathe, let alone scream or cry out. She felt only pain. 

          “Try to run again you black bitch and you’re fuckin’ dead!” Karen’s attacker told her. He reached down and snatched her up by the hair.

          “Come here bitch!”

 He got behind her and put his arm around her throat; Karen found it difficult to breathe as he started to choke her. She grabbed hold of his forearm crying and tried to speak.

          “Please don't hurt me, I'll give you money, and I promise I won't tell anyone.” Quickly she repeated her plea again, tears flowing down her face.

          “Please don't hurt me.” Her begging only enraged him.

          “Bitch I don't need your fuckin’ money.”

As he spoke, he punched her in the back with all his might. Karen thought, Oh God, as another wave of pain shot through her body. She fell to her knees, and he snatched her up again and shoved her up the steps and down the hall to the first bedroom on the right. He spoke to Karen as he pushed her down the hall.

          “I'm gonna take what I want out of your sweet little pussy and that tight asshole.” Karen could only cry as he pushed her through the door, and against the bed.

          “Yeah bitch, now it’s time for me to have some fun.”

He told her as he moved his arm from her throat to her breasts. He put his hand under her skirt and ripped her panties off. He brought them to his face and inhaled deeply. He told Karen how much he was going to enjoy fucking her. Standing there in pain and terrified Karen noticed he spoke with an Hispanic accent. Just as her next thought came to mind he spoke again.

          “Let me soften up the pussy baby.” 

He then kneed her in the groin; she shouted and fell to the bed, the pain numbing her whole body. Her only thought was she was going to die. He forcefully ripped the clothes from her body and removed his own; he turned her toward him so that she could watch him stroke his dick until it got hard, then  he grabbed her by both legs and pulled her toward him. Karen laid there crying and praying that she’d survived this nightmare. He straddled her waist with his knees, holding his dick between her breasts, and asked her if this was what she wanted. When she only cried and turned away, he slapped her and shouted,

          "Bitch, tell me you want this dick!"  

          "Yes." Karen’s response was weak.

          ”Say it like you mean it whore!"  

          "Yes baby, I want it," she told him again.

 Looking into her eyes as she said the words he wants to hear, he positioned himself between her legs as he responded.

           "I like fucking you pretty bitches.”

Then without warning, he brutally forced his dick into her pussy. Karen cried out in pain, and that excited her captor; he began to push in harder and harder. As he battered her pussy, he felt her tightness give as her juices lubricated his dick.

          "Tell me you want me to cum in this tight pussy bitch, say it!” He demanded.

Karen's response drove him wild as he pushed harder and faster in her pussy. He watched her reaction to his motion and pushed harder as he felt her pain and himself cumming. He exploded in her; unable to hold back, he let his cum flow into her. Fright and the pain he inflicted on her froze Karen. He pulled out of her and looked down on her captive form, still unsatisfied with his torture of her.

          “Now come here bitch, and suck my dick.” At that moment, he pulled out a large knife.

          “Bitch, if you bite me I'll cut out your pussy and stuff it down your throat.”

The thought of what she was being forced to do made her sick, but she could not take the beating anymore, and if she did this maybe he would leave. She moved toward him, took his dick in her hand, put it in her mouth, and began to suck his dick. He stood over her watching with perverse pleasure. As she sucked him, he had to fight the impulse to cum in her mouth. Looking down on her, he became angry and pushed her off him.

          “Bitch I don't want to cum now, I just want to get hard again so I can put my dick somewhere else.”

He smiled with such evil, looking at her naked ass, and she knew what he meant. She cried like a helpless child. He looked down on her as he forced her to turn around.

          “Oh bitch, I'm just getting started."

I was supposed to be home twenty minutes ago, but the guy at the market was irresistible, besides lunch was almost ready. I just needed the dressing for the salad, so we’ll still have plenty of time to spend together before Karen goes back to work, CJ thought as the car pulled into the driveway. As CJ entered through the side door, the chime did not go off when the door was opened. Good, Karen finally came around and turned those annoying chimes off. CJ put the grocery bags on the counter.

CJ walked into the kitchen and heard voices upstairs; CJ walked toward the steps and noticed the bedroom door opened. The attacker told Karen to turn around.

          “Now I want to fuck that ass. Turn over bitch!”


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